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Best Uwell Vape Tanks Chosen For You

Guys, do you like the brand of Uwell? Today I choose the best vape tanks from Uwell company for you. They are the Uwell Crown 4 Tank, Uwell Crown 3 Tank, Uwell Crown 4 Tank. All of them make a big success in the vape market, so which one do you like best?


Uwell released the Crown 4 Vape Tank Atomizer with 28mm diameter, which is the upgraded version of Crown 3 that is still hot-sale in the vape market. It can hold up 6ml e-juice capacity and 5ml straight glass for you option. Crown 4 Tank is hand polished and adopts patented self-cleaning technology, it can absorb the e-juice condensation and reduces juice leakage.

Besides, the package included Dual SS904L Coil with 0.2ohm and 0.4 ohm offer better flavor and longer life with higher quality. It's with the top filling design and bottom adjustable airflow system, so you could enjoy easier refilling method and smooth airflow. 

Parameters Size: 28*54.8mm
Material: Stainless Steel, Glass & Silicone
Coil type: Dual SS904L Coil 0.2ohm (70-80W)
Dual SS904L Coil 0.4ohm (60-70W)
SS304 UN1 Coil 0.25ohm (55-65W)
FeCrAl UN2 Coil 0.23ohm (60-70W)

Uwell Nunchaku Vape Tank is a revolutionary tank with an extra ordinary performance. An elegant chassis design has also been integrated for the better performance and a stunning outlook of the product. It juices functional ability of the product, dual bottom airflow has been regulated within it. It utilizes the plug-pull Pro-FCOS Coil Technology for the fast performance of the product . 


The juice capacity is 2ml which is a lot unprecedented one. To regulate smooth functioning of the product, dual bottom airflow has been regulated within it. It utilizes the plug-pull Pro-FCOS Coil Technology for the fast performance of the product. The overall diameter of the product is 25mm which makes it easier to carry around from one place to another.

To expose the filling port, it has been conveniently refilled using a patented threaded top-fill system. To minimize the leakage potential, chimney and structural designs has been improved within the bottom base with a condensation holder. For an ergonomic replacement process, new Pro-FCOS coil has been optimized which adopts the plug-pull mechanism. To provide a complete optimal balance of flavor and vapor production, a claptonized A1 central wire is also present. 

Material: Stainless Steel, Quartz Glass
Capacity: 5ml
Size: 25.2 * 49.6
Resistance: 0.25ohm, 0.4ohm
Connection Threading: 510
Airflow Adjustable: Bottom
Fill Liquid: Top
Coil: Claptonized A1 coil 0.25ohm (40-50W), Claptonized A1 coil 0.4ohm (45-55W)

The UWELL Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank is one of the best sub ohm tanks currently on the market, featuring in a drip tip with various colors. And it comes with two plug-pull coils with 0.25 ohm and 0.5 ohm, which is easy to replace. There is a separated condensation holder, making it easy to clean. Moreover, the tank can be compatible with higher power mods, creating large clouds, smooth airflow, and strong flavor, giving an awesome vaping experience.


Material:Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity: 5ml
Coil Features:0.25Ω Larger Clouds; 0.5Ω Balanced Clouds and Flavor; 0.8Ω Beast Flavor,Long Lifespam and Lower Juice Consuption

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Hot Sale Pod System Kits Collected For You

Today I will introduce one latest pod vape available in Vapesourcing vape shop online - Next Mind CT1 Pod System Kit with the newly IDCT system, so are you interested in this kit? And I also choose the similar appearance of pod system kits for you and now they are on hot sale, so which one do you like best?


Next Mind CT1 Kit adopts an advanced IDCT design(Independent detachable coil & tank) to savartridge. The pod cartridge utilizes pure ceramic coil which has no cotton, it will producee plenty of money for you. You just need to replace the coil instead of replacing whole pod c purer flavor for you. 

The pod also features innovative leak-proof design and twist lock design to avoid leakage. The coil equips with self-cleaning system, which can change the flavor in a quick time. The CT1 kit is powered by 650mAh built-in battery, it will meet you daily vaping demand.

Size: 94mm * 27mm * 20mm
Battery Capacity: Built-In 650mAh Battery
Pod Capacity: 3.5ml
Wattage Range: 10W-17W
Coil Type: Ceramic Coil
Resistance: 1.0ohm Or 1.2ohm

For all those fans of Aspire's Nautilus range of tanks, Aspire also brings you the new Aspire Nautilus AIO pod system Kit here. With its sleek, ergonomic, palm-sized design, the Nautilus AIO Kit is powered by a built-in battery with 1000mAh capacity and can fire up to 12W.


The Aspire Nautilus AIO has an easy to fill 4.5 or 2ml pod, it fits comfortably in the hand in use and is very discreet. It utilizes Aspire’s famous Nautilus BVC coils rated at 1.8ohm, one is a regular BVC coil and another one is for use with nicotine salts.

Battery capacity:1000mAh
output wattage:1-12W

Eleaf iCare 2 Vape Kit features an exquisite rubber paint finish, giving you a softer and smoother feel in hand than ever. Equipped with a removable 2ml tank and an internal 650mAh battery, the iCare 2 is another ultra compact e cigarette starter kit. The tank can be refilled with ease simply by removing the mouthpiece.


To activate the device simply press the button and vapor will be produced instantaneously. The intuitive four color LEDs are for ease of checking battery status. By using a higher strength e-liquid, the iCare 2 with its new IC 1.3ohm Head perfectly recreates the sensation you are accustomed to.

E-juice Capacity: 2ML
Size: 31mm x 13mm x 86mm
Battery capacity: 650mAh
Maximum output wattage: 15W
Resistance range: 0.6-3.0ohm

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Can SMOK Mag Grip Kit Make Success?

I believe many vapers must love this best vape kit - mag kit because of its cool style and high performance. First, let's welcome the new member of SMOK Mag Grip Kit joining in the MAG family, and this kit still features handheld mod, exquisite fire key, and magazine release. Can Mag Grip make a success again in the vape market this year? And have you any impression on Smok Mag Baby Kit? The mag baby kit is also the mini version of mag kit. Now let's make a comparison between them.

Mag Grip mod is compatible with 21700, 20700 and 18650 battery, so you will have the choice for the batteries. It’s magic that when you use the 20700 battery, the Mag Grip mod can fire up to 100W maximum output, while once you use the 18650 battery, it can fire up to the 85W.


The Mag Grip Starter Kit still has good hand feeling, and its grooves on the upper part of the mod are optimized to maximize the practicability, which makes the mod more comfortable to grip and hold. Following the style of Mag, MAG Grip kit still looks like the trigger of a gun. And this mag grip also adopts the exquisite small fire key, so you can press the triggering button easily. This vape mod also has a 0.66 inch OLED screen with the high definition close to the 510 plate, providing a more convenient viewing angle for the user.

As for the included TFV8 Baby V2 tank, this time SMOK brings two new coils, Baby V2 S1 and Baby V2 S2, which are custom-made coils for Stick series battery with intense clouds and flavor. 

Capacity: 5ml
Power Range: 1W-85W (18650 Battery)/1W-100W(21700/20700 Battery)
Standby Current: <22OuA
Output Voltage: 0.5V-9V
Resistance Range: 0.1Q-2.5Q (VW)/ 0.05Q-2Q (TC)
Temperature Range: 200 F--600 F /100C--315C

The Smok Mag Baby Vape Kit consists of the Smok Mag Baby mod and the TFV12 Baby Prince Tank. It is a scaled down version of the original Smok Mag released last year! The Mag Baby Mod houses an internal 1600mAh battery and has a maximum output of 50w. It also supports multiple temperature control modes as well as TCR. This Kit features a mini gun shape in a compact size for easy to hold in hand. 

It's also with the 0.96" OLED screen which looks similar, if not, the same as the original Smok Alien screen. It is nice and easy to read in all lighting conditions and is very easy to navigate through the menus using the fire button as well as the + and – buttons located on the side.

The TFV12 Baby Prince Tank features a unique crown-style design that features a bulb shaped glass tube. Utilizes innovative V8 Baby coils for pure flavor and vapor production. Besides, the TFV12 Baby Prince also supports V8 baby coils for great flavor.

Size: 61.37x46x27mm
Output Power: 1W-50W
Standby Current: <400uA
Output Voltage: 0.5V-9.0V
Resistance Range: 0.1Ω-2.5Ω (VW) / 0.05Ω-2Ω (TC)
Temperature Range: 200℉--600℉/100℃--315℃

TFV12 Baby Prince Tank
Capacity: 4.5ml
Size: 53.7mm (H) * 26mm (D)
Material: Stainless Steel
Thread: 510

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Vandy Vape Triple V2 RTA & SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Tank | Best Choice For Intense Flavor

As we know, there are two directions when we pursue the best experience of vaping, the first is the intense flavor, and the second is the big cloud. So today I will bring you two tanks which are famous for the big cloud, and wish you will like them.

The first one is the new SMOK TFV8 Baby V2 Tank, which is made of stainless steel, 54mm high, 30mm diameter in bulb tube, so it brings 5ml e-juice capacity( 3ml regular tube are also included). Apart from the tip drip adopting the obvious difference of black monochrome design, the iconic configuration of the bulb glass tube and the top cap lock button makes it easy to think that this is the TFV12 Baby Prince tank because the design concept is really similar. 


In addition, the coil that appeared with tank also introduced a new grid structure coil. It can be seen from the side of the coils that they are A1 and A2, respectively. The former is a large single mesh coil, while the latter is a dual steel mesh coil.

About the TFV8 Baby V2's performance. From the tip drip to the air intake, from the appearance to the coil, everything is changing to enhance the smoke. Single, dual and triple steel net coil, with the support of large air intake, not only the amount of smoke is increased, but also the concentration of smoke is also significantly improved. 

The second is the Vandy Vape Triple V2 RTA Atomizer, whose build deck is changed slightly, with the two outer coils having post screws that come from the ends, and the middle coil from the sides. The previous version had all three on the sides. Anybody that uses flatter builds knows that this isn’t ideal as it can twist the coils. One of the changes made to this version is the air flow. This has a bottom air flow like the Kylin Mini and has small holes throughout the bottom rather than a large opening. This equates to some very smooth airflow and excellent flavor.


About the Triple V2's performance. I was worried that three coils would be overwhelming but found that it is not much different than any multiple coil build. One just must keep in mind that the resistance when running three coils is 1/3 of that single coil’s resistance. I ran mine with 2 larger coils for most of my review testing and found that the vape is great and e-juice consumption is reduced as well. I was never expected to get such good flavor from a tank like this but was pleasantly surprised. I think Vandy Vape made all the right changes to the first one and created a nice, cloudy, flavorful RTA.

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Vaporesso Tarot Baby Kit with OMNI Board 4.0 Review

Nowadays there are a lot of ultra-compact and miniature vape devices on the vape market, and most of them are named as “baby”. In my opinion, the “baby” devices mean low-power. That’s to say, their output almost is between 50-100W. The rising of low-power devices are due to two aspect. The pod systems can’t entirely relieve the addiction of smoking the real cigarette, and at the same time, the high-power devices are lack of convenience. So today I will introduce you the latest low-power kit from Vaporesso: Vaporesso Tarot Baby Kit.


At first glance, the Tarot Baby isn't immediately recognizable as a Tarot device, since it lacks the “coffin-style” shape and hard corners. Instead, Vaporesso went for a more palm-friendly, streamlined look that may not stand out like its predecessors, but still looks sharp.

Visually, the clear fire bar is unique, but not at the expense of performance. It might look fragile, but the crystal clear plastic is rock solid, with an extremely satisfying click and throw. 

Moreover, the amount of modes and features on the Tarot Baby is also very impressive, thanks to the modified OMNI Board 4.0. Not only does this advanced chipset pump out a smooth, consistent 85 watts off a 2500mAh battery, but it also brings a fully fleshed temp control suite, bypass mode, custom wattage curve adjustment, and even the curious“Super Player”mode which extends the resistance range to unusually low levels.


Then, the Tarot Baby kit also features the latest version of Vaporesso's fantastic NRG sub ohm tank series – the NRG SE (Special Edition). Using the same tried and true GT coil system that we've grown to love these past two years, the kit also introduces a wonderful new mesh coil head, the 0.18-ohm GT Meshed coil. 

About the Tarot Baby Kit's performance. The Tarot Baby is a high-performing vape kit for users of all skill levels, not only do all the various modes and settings work flawlessly, but the ramp-up speed might be on par with some of the best overall mods we've tested, it's so strong. The Tarot Baby worked well with a wide range of tanks and smaller RDAs, from 8-watt MTL setups to some of my lowest-resistance sub-ohm tanks, and seemingly everywhere in between.

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