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Dovpo Topside Mod With Unique Appearance For Squonker

As we all know, there are many kinds of vape devices released every day from kinds of vape brands. And today let me have a short review on one latest vape mod - Dovpo Topside Mod, which is collaboratively designed by the Vapor Chronicles and Dovpo. Now let's look at the mod below.
This vape mod is constructed with food grade Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy and Aluminum Alloy, which makes it moderately impact-resistant in an ergonomic shape, and it can also ensure your safety and provide you healthy vaping experience. On the control face, you will see a 0.96 inch OLED display with a vertical menu that utilizes blue font for easy viewing. 
Powered by a single 21700 battery, the Topside vape Squonk Mod can fire up to 90W maximum output with switchable power, bypass, and temperature control modes. Besides, the mod also equips a 10ml silicone e-juice bottle which supports the top filling. 
Size: 92.00mm*54.0mm*27.0mm
Wattage Range: 0-90W
Screen Size: 0.96’’
Material: Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel (All parts that have contact with e-liquid are made from food grade stainless steel and silicone)
Input Voltage Range: 0.08Ω -3.5Ω
Working Mode: VW, Bypass, TC
Thread: Gold-plated Spring Loaded 510
Dovpo Topside Squonk Box Mod is with the unique appearance, and it can also support vaping while charging, so do you want to order one? Now this vape box mod is sold on Vapesourcing at the price of about $60 with the two colors for your choice.
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tiistai, 11. syyskuu 2018

Dome V2 Clone RDTA & ShenRay VG Extreme Clone RTA | You Best Choice

Guys, please allow me introduce two newest clone atomizers. one is called ShenRay Dome V2 Clone RDTA, and the other one is named ShenRay VG Extreme Clone RTA. You can see that both of them are produced by the same factory, and now let’s compare ShenRay Dome V2 Clone RDTA to ShenRay VG Extreme Clone RTA.
ShenRay Dome V2 Clone RDTA is a 22mm diameter atomizer which can be used as vape RTA or RDA. Constructed by Ultem and 316 stainless steel, the Dome V2 Style RDTA is durable. Moreover, the RDTA has 2.8ml e-juice capacity. Besides, with the dual post build deck and adjustable airflow, it will bring you a convenient vape experience with great flavor and big cloud.
Size: 51*22*22mm
Diameter: 22mm
Capacity: 2.8ml
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Thread Type: 510
ShenRay VG Extreme Clone RTA is a 23mm diameter RTA which is specially designed for DL vape. Constructed by 316 stainless steel and PEI, this RTA is durable and it can hold 5ml e-juice. Moreover, the tank has air draft regulation in the top cap. With the dual-coil design and adjustable airflow from top cap, it will bring you a great and convenient vape experience with big cloud and good flavor.
Diameter: 23mm
Height: 53mm
Capacity: 5ml
Material: 316 Stainless Steel+PEI
Thread Typ: 510
ShenRay Dome V2 Clone RDTA or ShenRay VG Extreme Clone RTA, which one do you prefer? Although they are the clone atomizers, they still have the high performance. Now both of them are sold on Vapeosurcing at low price and you can have a try to vape one.
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KAEES Stacked RTA VS Vapor Storm Lion RDA | Short Review

Guys, are you looking for one RDA atomizer or one RTA atomizer to match your favourite vape mod? This time let me show you two latest atomizers - Vapor Storm Lion RDA & KAEES Stacked RTA, and of course, both of them have different appearance and different performance just from their names. So which one do you like better after the comparison? 
KAEES Stacked RTA is a collaboration project from KAEES and Tony B, it has a 24mm diameter and is designed to give you a great pure flavor. Constructed by high quality 304 stainless steel, it is durable. With an easy to build dual coil deck, that is "stacked" and only requires tightening two screws. Moreover, it also features adjustable dual slotted bottom airflow and threaded top-filling system, which will bring you a convenient vape experience with big cloud and great flavor. 2 colors are available.
Material: Stainless Steel
Adapter: 510 Adapter
Drip Tip: 510 Drip Tip
Vapor Storm Lion RDA Atomizer is a 24mm diameter RDA which has an exquisite Lion logo on the chuff cap and white engravings encircle the entire RDA. Constructed by stainless steel, it is very durable. Side airflow is adjustable via rotation of the chuff cap and can be set to three different air levels to customize your experience. Moreover, it also has a postless gold plated build deck that is compatible with dual coil builds and has internal airflow directly under the installed builds.
Size : 35 x 24 x 24 mm
Diameter: 24mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Thread: 510
Vapor Storm Lion RDA or KAEES Stacked RTA, which one do you prefer?  Both of them can bring you pure flavor, and Vapesourcing is a good online vape store offering you the latest vape devices at the low price with high performance.
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KOMGE Cashew Pod Kit Review | Attractive Cashew Appearance

Today let me have a review on a pod system kit with a unique shape that you never seen before. Can you guess it? Its name is KOMGE Cashew Pod System Kit, just looking like cashew nuts as its name. 
Komge Cashew Kit is an ergonomically designed pod system kit, like cashew nuts, a kind of dried fruit food. Constructed by Zinc alloy and PC, it offers reliability and comfortability, and this kit is also designed to fit naturally within the palm of a hand for a uniquely ergonomic grip. 
Powered by the internal built-in 380mah battery, its max wattage can up to 13W. The pods can hold a maximum of 2mL nicotine salts flavor while maintaining a strong magnetized connection to the device, but still remaining easy to remove. 
By the way, with the U-shaped airflow design and 1.3ohm of the atomizer resistance, it will satisfy your needs for simple puffs.
Size: 84.3 x 47 x 12.5mm
Material: Zinc alloy+PC 
Battery Capacity: 380mAh
Atomizer Resistance: 1.3ohm
Power Range: 8w-13w
E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
There are 3 colors for you to choose: black, blue, orange. So do you want this cute vape device with attractive cashew appearance? There is also a unique U-shaped airway to bring you the special vaping experience. 
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Pod System Kits - Hangsen IQ OVS Kit VS Hangsen IQ Mini Kit

Nowadays, pod system kits are more and more popular with vapers because of its compact size and high performance. There are two newest pod system kits from the same company Hangsen - Hangsen IQ OVS pod system kit and Hangsen IQ Mini pod system kit, which has the different appearance.
Hangsen IQ OVS pod system kit is a durable and reliable pod system which looks like a tough cookie. With 600mAh of battery output, the OVS presents a fully capable pod system that's battery capacity can last for hours while you're on the go. Goes from 0 to full charge in 30 minutes. 
Just like IQ mini, OVS is also draw activated and anti-dry burning for a light and luxuriously smooth vapor. Its max output is set at 3.7 volts so it can't overheat. With the 2 ohm coil in the 2ml refillable pod cartridge, it will bring you a smooth and fantastic vape experience. 3 colors are available.
Cartridge Capacity: 2.0 ml
Battery Capacity: 600 mAh
Resistance: 2 ohm
Voltage: 3.7V
Charging: USB DC 5V
Max Charging Current: 800mAh
Hangsen IQ Mini pod system kit's appearance just looks like a famous music player, which means it is so cute and delicate. iQ mini is draw activated and anti-dry burning for a light and luxuriously smooth vapor. With a 1.5ohm resistance coil in a 2ml refillable pod cartridge, which is fit for smoking the salt nicotine e-liquid, and its side opening on the pod easily accommodates a sophisticated draw. Moreover, the IQ Mini's battery capacity is 240mah, and it supports 30-minute quick charge technology. 4 colors are optional.
Size: 46*50*9.4mm
Cartridge Capacity: 2.0 ml
Battery Capacity: 240 mAh
Resistance: 1.5 ohm
Can you help us find the similarities and difference between the two pod system kits after the short review? Welcome to leave your comment below. Want to order one, please go to Vapesourcing online vape store to order one. 
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